Alight Tip Tuesday

These videos are for instructional purposes only, techniques not appropriate for stretchy fabric or untested woven fabrics, please consult your physician and local babywearing educator if you are new to the techniques to be sure they are appropriate for you and your child especially regarding any health or special needs. Complex carries require a lot of practice and experience, please use caution and care and a spot or help when learning or attempting new carries. Our Castle Dream is not responsible for misuse of information contained therein.

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Join Alight Handwoven’s Team Member Cambria as she gives us tips on how to properly tighten a front wrap cross carry for maximum support!


Does your baby not like to be wrapped? Join Cambria with Alight Handwovens to discuss how to wrap a baby who might be fussy or not like to be wrapped!


Hello from Castle Alight! Today on Tip Tuesday learn how to get a good seat with your Ring Sling or Front Carry with a Wrap!! Join Cambria and Charlotte as they discuss the importance of the "M" position while achieving a deep seat, making sure your baby is comfortable and safe while Babywearing!


Tip Tuesday! Join Cambria as she discusses how to maximize comfort when wrapping your little one! "Spread the pass out over your back and shoulder to give you maximum comfort...." Find us on Facebook for more fun and a chance to own one of these magical textiles!


Join Cambria and Alight Handwovens as we discuss how to keep baby from leaning in a sling or front carry!


Join Team Member Cambria as she Discusses how to find your base size and some of the variables that can affect it! Graphic Credit and


Join Team Member Cambria as she walks us through the basics of using a Ring Sling! Cam is working a beautiful Alight Ring Sling “Cair Paravel” 2.2 Meters of Silk, Pearl Silk and Lux Silk tail accents! It’s a dream to work with!

Join Team Member Christen as she shows us how to use a Sling Ring in place of a slip knot!
Join The beautiful Enchantress as she shows us how to measure our wraps with STIH!
Join the Enchantress as she walks us through the steps to hand washing your handwoven textiles!
Join Team Member Cambria as she gives us tips and tricks on how to get that chest pass nice and tight in your shepherds carry to keep the short pass pinned!
Join Cambria as she wraps on the go and gives us tips!