Bereavement and Loss Resources


Bereavement, especially for infant, child, or unborn baby, is different for every person and every family. We have compiled a few resources that may help you through these trying times and encourage you to talk about your feelings with family and loved ones. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. There is no right way to grieve and each person has their own way of handling the loss of a child.

Resources to consider A fantastic place to start looking into support groups and outreach. A site that provides a manifold of resources to help the entire family cope after a loss. David Kessler’s website and all encompassing resource on loss and grief. Bestselling author has guides for many types of grief

And a memoir written beautifully by Jayson Greene and heartbreakingly about the loss of a child and the journey to feeling love again (Book title: Once More We Saw Stars) a beautiful peaceful space with user submitted experiences. From the site: “Babylost mothers and fathers, this place is yours.”