Hand in hand with many emotions, join our contributors here for guidance and community in trudging through the options and living life while longing for more.

Infertility is a long lonely road whether you walk it alone or with a partner. You question yourself, you question your partner, you question your maker, you question your surroundings. There is no limit to the crushing questions in your mind and your soul feels like it will crush under the weight. Whether treatments or endocrinology evaluations are helping or not, keep that hope, hold on to that hope. If it does not seem possible to have a biological child for any number of reasons, do not feel alone, and most of all, do not feel despair. There are adoption and fostering options that may be right for you. Seek counseling for healing all the cracks those crushing questions have caused and lean on those around you even if you feel alone, you are not!

Infertility has many causes known and unknown, but start with a reproductive endocrinologist in your area or a close metropolitan area to see if there are underlying biological reasons that may be simply or complexly addressed. Following this, there may be many courses of treatment and agonizing months waiting for that hope and what if this is the month. Infertility is somewhat a state of Grieving, you are lamenting all you hope for, all you wish to come and the fact that it will take longer to get there. Allow yourself to grieve, talk to others who will listen (and not try to fix) to the struggles yet can help you find hope that someday you will have the family you want, it just may not be the same family you pictured.

-We wish for you Peace, Love, and all the future Joy your heart can hold!